Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run Accident in Dublin

A gruesome accident resulted in the death of a cyclist on May 15, 2012. The accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on Doherty Road near Fall Creek Road in Dublin, California. According to published reports, the victim was identified as 57-year-old Bo Hu of China. The victim was riding his bike along Doherty Road when he was struck by a car which fled the scene of the accident.  A passerby called 911 and the responding paramedics pronounced the victim dead at the scene of the accident. 

Investigators analyzed some vehicle parts and debris which were found at the scene and determined that it came from a 2012 Mercedes Benz. The police investigation eventually led to the home of a 32-year-old San Francisco attorney who lives less than three miles from the scene of the accident. Police discovered a black Mercedes Benz with significant front end damage in the garage. Spencer Freeman Smith was arrested for gross negligence and felony hit-and-run in connection with the accident.

This tragic accident exemplifies the dangers that cyclists face from negligent motorists. At Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP we are committed to compassionately representing families who have lost loved ones due to tragic bicycle accidents.

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