Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Juvenile Cyclists Injured in East San Jose

A freighting bicycle accident in East San Jose left two juveniles with serious injuries.  The accident occurred on January 15, 2013, at approximately 5:35 p.m. on Alum Rock Avenue near the intersection of Eastgate Avenue. 

According to published reports, the young cyclists were crossing Alum Rock Avenue when they were struck by a truck that was traveling westbound on Alum Rock Avenue.

It is unclear what caused this frightening accident.  Driver negligence is a common cause of bicycle accidents.  There are many different forms of driver negligence including: driver inattention, aggressive driving, driver confusion, and driver intoxication.  The driver of the truck can be held liable for this accident if driver negligence is found to have been a contributing factor. 

Another possibility is that a dangerous intersection contributed to this accident.  There are various factors which can make an intersection dangerous.  For example, an intersection could lack signs that are required for adequate safety.  The experienced bicycle accident attorneys of Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP understand the importance of initiating a comprehensive investigation to determine if an accident was caused by an unsafe intersection.  Our legal team interviews witnesses, reviews the traffic collision reports and analyzes the accident history of an intersection to determine if an unsafe intersection contributed to an accident.   

Whether the accident was caused by an unsafe intersection or a negligent driver, the dedicated bicycle accident attorneys of Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP can help.  Our experienced legal team specializes in standing up for bicyclists.  We understand the various ways in which inattentive drivers can cause serious and fatal injuries to bicyclists. Some common negligent driver behaviors that put bicyclists at-risk include:  left turn in front of an oncoming bicycle, failing to look while parallel parking, slamming on the brakes, unsafe lane changes and refusing to share the road with bicyclists.

If you or a loved one have experienced a bicycle accident call our office today for a free consultation.  

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