Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tragedy in Daly City After Minivan Strikes Pedestrians

A tragic pedestrian accident took the life of one young victim and left two other victims with life-threatening injuries. This horrific accident occurred on Saturday October 6, 2012 at approximately 9:00 a.m. in Daly City, California.
According to published reports, the victims were walking through the parking lot at Saint Andrew Catholic Church on Southgate Avenue when they were struck by a Toyota minivan.  The three victims were treated at the scene before being transported to San Francisco General Hospital.

Tragically, one of the victims was unable to recover from her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The young victim has been identified as 6-year-old Danielle Naval of Daly City.  The other two victims reportedly sustained undisclosed life threatening injuries.  At Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.    
Pedestrian accidents can cause a lifetime of heartache in an instant.  Families are torn apart and lives are shattered in a fleeting moment of driver negligence.  The pain associated with losing a loved one in a preventable pedestrian accident is unimaginable. 

The driver of the Toyota minivan has not yet been identified by authorities.  The cause of this tragic accident also remains unclear.  However, based on the fact that the accident occurred in a parking lot during daylight it appears that driver negligence may have contributed to this accident.  

A driver of a car or truck has an enormous responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians.  Sadly, pedestrian accidents often occur when drivers are not paying attention to the roadway.  Drivers can be distracted for a multitude of reasons including: talking on the cellphone, texting, eating, fiddling with the radio or putting on makeup.  If a driver’s attention is not completely focused on the road, the safety of pedestrians is put at risk. 

The experienced trial lawyers of Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP are dedicated to helping victims of pedestrian accidents.  We fight for those whose lives have been devastated as a result of pedestrian accidents.  Our goal is always to get our clients the financial compensation they deserve to help rebuild their lives.  Call our legal team today for a free consultation.     

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