Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Pedestrians Injured in San Francisco MUNI Accident

A San Francisco MUNI trolley bus snapped overhead electric lines sending live wires crashing down onto a crowd of unsuspecting pedestrians below. The accident occurred at the intersection of Market and Fifth Streets on June 4, 2012 at approximately 4:00 pm. According to published reports, seven 600-volt wires fell, emitting sparks and fire onto the evening rush hour street. Two injured pedestrians were immediately transported to St. Francis Memorial Hospital for treatment. Another victim, who was reportedly a tourist, also suffered injuries as a result of the accident.
MUNI buses, taxis, railroads, cable cars, trolleys and other forms of public transportation are called common carriers. These common carriers owe pedestrians a heightened duty of care. The dedicated trial lawyers of Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP specialize in holding common carriers accountable for their negligence.

Victims of public transportation accidents should call an experienced public transportation lawyer immediately to preserve their rights. In California, victims of public transportation accidents may have as little as six months to file a claim against a public entity. If you or a loved one have been injured in a public transportation accident call Matiasic Roth & Johnson LLP for a free consultation.

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