Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Children Injured By Vehicle On Campus

Three children were injured when they were struck by a car on the Skyline Elementary School Campus. According to the San Mateo County Times, a 75 year-old driver was attempting to park his car when he lost control, jumped the curb and drove up a sidewalk and ramp leading to a classroom. One of the young girls injured in the accident suffered injuries requiring surgery. The school, in response to the accident, is reviewing its safety policies and procedures and will be adding a chainlink fence. There has been no mention why safety precuations were not in place prior to this accident given the events at Ralston Intermediate School in 2007.

Two years ago a similar accident occurred in Belmont, California, at Ralston Intermediate School. In that accident, a 70 year-old driver driving an SUV jumped a curb striking a dozen students.

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